Thursday, May 22, 2014

IC Friendly Coleslaw

I got everything I needed for this from +Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market and +Whole Foods Market .  I used 1 bag of sliced green cabbage, 1 bag of shredded carrots, and 1 very large fennel bulb shredded on the mandolin for the salad.  

For the dressing, I used Follow Your Heart Soy Free Vegenaise, olive oil, agave syrup (or honey, maple, or simple syrup), salt, and pepper. A note for people with IC:  the Vegenaise has a small amount of lemon juice and vinegar.  If this is bothersome, substitute with softened Daiya cream cheese or Wayfare Foods sour cream.  If these are also bothersome, blend drained/rinsed cannellini or garbanzo beans with olive oil until creamy.  It may separate.  

Microwave 2 TB syrup with 2-4 TB olive oil for 10-20 seconds to make it workable. Whisk together with 1/4 C of Vgenaise or substitute).  Add salt and pepper to taste if tolerable.  Dried parsley also has a nice savory flavor if pepper is bothersome.

Pour over the slaw and toss well.  It will last a few days in the cooler, but it's best served once chilled.  Serves 4-6 as a side dish, more if served in Dixie cups.