Thursday, May 22, 2014

Gardein Boeuf Bourguigon

I've been trying red wine these days. I knew I liked some Shiraz and Merlot, but I have recently discovered lightly sweet red table wine and Claret. Of course this Claret seems perfect for Boeuf Bourguignon with mushrooms. I've seen this made with stew vegetables, and always with onions, but I don't get on well with onions, so just mushrooms for me.

If you are comfortable making a roux in the pan with your ingredients, sweat the mushrooms, add the Beefless Tips, make the roux, and add the liquid last. If not, try it this way. 

Sweat sliced Baby Bella and button mushrooms in a soup pot or deep sautée pan while you defrost the Beefless Tips in the micro.  Add the beef and cook until the mixture absorbs most of the mushroom liquid. Set aside the mushroom mixture in your serving dish and make a roux with Earth Balance, olive oil, and whole wheat pastry flour in your pot/pan. When your roux is ready, add the wine, veggie broth, and some dried herbs--your favorites. I like to make my broth by adding boiling water to bouillon cubes and dried herbs. When the liquid comes together, add your mushroom/beef mixture and cook through. Season to taste. Serve with some white starch and a glass of the wine you used to make this. 

1bag of Gardein Beefless Tips
2 boxes of sliced mushrooms
1 C of stock (or more as needed)
1C of red wine
2-4 pats of margarine
2-4 tb olive oil
1-2 tb flour
2 tb herbs (parsley, tarragon, marjoram, whichever are your favorites)
Salt and pepper to taste

In case you were wondering, +Barnivor lists many wines and spirits that are veg*n and which to avoid. +BevMo!  +Whole Foods Market , and +Cost Plus World Market  have a nice selection of these wines at affordable prices.