Monday, August 4, 2014

Chik'n Soup

1-2 C frozen peas
1-2 C frozen corn
1-2 C frozen cut green beans
1 bunch celery chopped
1-2 C shredded or diced carrots
1-2 boxes sliced mushrooms
1 bunch parsley chopped
1/2 C pasta stars or alphabets
1 package chicken style seitan (White Wave or Upton Naturals work well)
2 tb turmeric
Dried parsley
Dried tarragon
Dried thyme
Chopped garlic
Salt and pepper
Olive oil

Sweat the mushrooms until soft, add a few tb of olive oil and add the celery and carrots. When the veggies begin to caramelize, add the seitan and herbs/garlic/spices. Stir and cook until the herbs start to release their aroma, then add the pasta and frozen veggies. When the veggies start to defrost, fill your soup pot with water (no more than two inches over the veggie mixture) and simmer covered until the pasta is tender. Season and serve with saltines or toasted bread. 

If you like your soup thick and hearty, you can add a roux to the broth. It does not keep for more than two days in the refrigerator (the pasta breaks down) but it freezes well enough to make a whole pot. The turmeric may stain your pit and dish mop, but soaking in sudsy water helps.