Friday, November 15, 2013

Ideas for Quick Treats

I know that most of my recipes are kind of labor intensive, but I think it makes a big difference in the taste and nutritional content of my food.  That being said sometimes I am exhausted and just want something fast and tasty.

1.  Smear a tablespoon of +Peanut Butter & Co. heaven on a piece of Divine Chocolate.  It's fair trade so it's good for your soul too :)  A piece this big should be shared with someone else.

2.  Chop celery and saute in butter to add to 2 cans of lentil soup.  Add a bag of frozen spinach.  Extra vitamins, yum!

3.  +Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market really helps make things fast, fresh and healthy.  I bought a bag of chopped washed kale salad, added to a tray of pre-cooked quinoa, and a bag of +gardein Sizzling Szechuan Beefless Strips with sauce et voila!! Dinner with protein, fiber, vitamins and leftovers.  It took me 10 minutes with a microwave and a little coking pot.

4.  Make your own microwave dinners for work or at home.  I added +gardein Turkey Cutlets with some of the gravy, cut asparagus, and a scoop of Amy's Vegan ice Mac & Cheeze to my reusable containers so I could freeze them for later use. I do this with different frozen vegan protein and veggies over the weekend to leave at work.  It's a great time saver since I'm always running late.