Sunday, August 18, 2013

Follow Your Heart Vegan Gourmet Shreds Recipe Contest

I love good food and as I try to improve the quality of my dishes, I learn more about ingredients and nutrition. For me, learning to make marinara sauce marked this shift in attitude. Saturday night, instead of socializing or pursuing entertainment, my fellow foodie and I spent the evening preparing vegan food made from scratch. And then photographing our creations to enter the recipe contest.  Just about everything we used was organic, and definitely vegan.  Also, each recipe has ingredients you can recognize by name and remember off the top of your head.

Thanks to the companies who make the food I keep in my kitchen. Using these products helps me feel better about what I cook and share with my friends and family. And thank you to Follow Your Heart for inviting me to participate.  I had fun making the pizza, and helping with the biscuits, as well as taking a day trip to the SFV to buy your shreds at the Follow Your Heart Market and Cafe. 

Please wish us luck and vote for our recipes. 

Thank you :D

Felicia--Alhambra. Heart Shaped Pizza
Marc Andrew--Bell. Garlic Cheddar Biscuits