Friday, October 11, 2013

Product Reviews: Kite Hill White Alder and Louisville Vegan Jerky

Kite Hill White Alder

I used to love cheese, but I stopped eating it when I was so young that I never got to try anything interesting like brie, gouda, stilton, etc.  So when I saw the box at +Whole Foods Market of course I grabbed one.  The cheese is creamy, mild, and sort of fluffy.  I really liked the taste and would recommend pairing it with something that helps the two foods you choose complement each other.  I served mine on rosemary rolls with olive oil.


Louisville Vegan Jerky

+Vegan Cuts offered a sampler pack of this jerky at a great price so I bought some.  It's great.  Chewy, savory, spicy, a little too salty for my taste, but it's full of protein.  I used the crumby bits at the bottom of the bag of Bourbon Smoked Spicy Chipotle to make some quesadillas.  It was wonderful.