Saturday, June 22, 2013

My First Vegan Cuts Box

I love it already.  Most of the samples in the box were new to me.  The first thing I did was eat the  Michy's Cran Rustica cookie, which I will be tracking down at +Whole Foods Market soon.  I love the  small single serving size because with a cookie that good, a whole box could get dangerous.  The next day I ate the Beanfields' nacho chips, which tasted like a super healthy and tasty version of the commercial seasoned corn chips, also going on my WF shopping list.  The Journey bar had an aromatic punch of sesame and just a hint of ginger.  It was a good size for an energy bar and the texture was much softer than some other bars I've tried.  There was also a full sized jar of +GOVeggieFoods vegan parmesan, which is such a great product.  I already had a half used jar in my refrigerator.  But it did give me a reason to make marinara this weekend and I'm saving the rest of it for a forthcoming pizza party.